Health and Nutrition Tips for March

Wednesday, February 7, 201810:13 PM(View: 5044)
Entering March, its time to get ready for Spring.  As sunlight and days become longer, it gives good reason to start going outdoors more.  Start moving your exercise routines outside, especially if you have kept them up since the new year.  Enjoy the warmer weather and get as much sunlight as possible to keep your body in balance.

Light Outdoor Exercise Tips For Healthy Spring Lifestyle
Some easy exercises that Princess Lifestyle recommends for healthy lifestyle is to go for a walk, a quick jog or to ride a bike.  These activities are great for healthy body functions.  Walking after a meal is best for better digestive support.  Walking can also be therapeutic to help clear your mind.  A quick jog or riding a bike around the neighborhood will help your circulatory system to keep the blood flowing and heart active.  Keeping your cardiovascular activities constant is important to overall health and general well being.

Add Whole Grains Health Tip For Optimal Nutrition
Start including more whole grains in your diet such as oats, millet, barley, brown rice and quinoa.  Whole grains can be eaten for breakfast along with fruits and nuts for a complete and healthy breakfast meal. Adding healthy foods to your diet will provide you with more energy.  This extra energy keeps you working as Spring gives ample opportunities to exercise outdoors. Combining more outdoor exercises with whole grains to your diet, you’ll be much more happier, focused and healthier.